Quality Certification

 Our production use modern plants and technologically advanced machinery, optimized by a lay out up to date and  carefully studied. It conjugates various working aknowledgement of metals, such as: cut, folding, puncture, deep-drawing, welding, printing and also assembly of different metallic component. 
The analysis of materials, equipments, production process, and also suppliers, packaging and transport are the element for a real integrated planning.

In fact, to obtain the quality of the product, which has become the decisive criteria of presence in the global market, all the production process is controlled with suitable sampling plans. 
The survey and filling of usefull data for following analysis contribute to the pursue of quality: this purpose is shared by all the members of the Company, and it is lived as an incentive to work better, so that the quality of our product translate in competitivity for the Company itself, following a perspective of global quality. 

 In 2002 Sifim S.r.l. obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification. 

In 2001 Sifim S.r.l. obtained UL Certification  for diaphragm filters, both for domestic hoods and for industrial hoods.

SIFIM s.r.l.Accessories for household appliances
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