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The beginnings of our company

SIFIM has been making components for domestic appliances, the hospitality sector and industry since 1995. We are a leader in the manufacture of metal filters and in the production of top-quality, decorative metal components.
SIFIM was formed by Tino Sopranzetti, Oreste Bastari, Doriano Gagliardini, Luca Pelagagge and Claudia Sanchioni, a team of friends and professionals who brought together different but complementary specialist experiences and gave our company its innovative, modern, flexible, efficient, and customer-oriented format.  Hard work dedicated to the development of specific technology, the continuous acquisition of new competences, and the accumulation of specific experience in our sector soon allowed us to develop an international customer base and begin working with Europe’s leading names in domestic appliances and filter hoods, including top Italian brands.

Continuous growth

We put the power of passion into our work, our technology and our attention to detail.
Our diverse experiences, ideas and intuitions, our technical know-how and passion for our work, backed up by a relationship of sincere friendship, have enabled us to grow continuously and win the trust of leading international customers and partners.

Export and development

The construction of a reliable international network and the excellent quality of our products and services have enabled us to form close partnerships with leading brands like BOSCH-SIEMENS, BRANDT, ELECTROLUX, HALTON, MIELE and SMEG. As our range of specific products has grown, we have established ties with some of the leading names in kitchen hoods, including BORA, ELICA, FABER, FALMEC, FRECAN, GUTMANN, INOXPAN, NOVY, ROBLIN and WAAK.
Our expertise in the selection and processing of materials is increasing daily, thanks to the ingenuity of our people and the continuous improvement of our processes and technologies. We are constantly developing more innovative and better performing products and projects, with a sense of total commitment to the partners who have given us their trust and appreciation.

Environment and recycling

We respect the environment and our community in our growth. Our production plant, covering over 5,500 square meters, is equipped with the most advanced green technologies, including geothermal heating and photovoltaic panels for the efficient production of clean energy. Waste materials are recovered and recycled in a sustainable, circular economy designed to minimize waste, safeguard the community, and protect the area we live in.

for domestic appliances

Everything we make is designed to capture air pollutants, alone or in conjunction with natural substances


for the construction sector

Expanded metal mesh and perforated sheet are ideal paneling materials for the building and furnishing sectors.


for industry

Most of our products, not just filters, are made in close collaboration with customers in different sectors of industry.


for kitchen

We design and produce professional filters of various kinds to satisfy all the needs of the hospitality industry.


for the automotive sector

Shapes, dimensions and colors are produced to the highest precision and the strictest specifications.


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