All applications

  • Domestic appliances

    Domestic appliances

    Everything we make is designed to capture air pollutants, alone or in conjunction with natural substances.
  • Industrial kitchens

    Industrial kitchens

    We design and produce professional filters of various kinds to satisfy all the needs of the hospitality industry.
  • Industry


    We supply industry with various types of filter along with top-quality components for protective and decorative grilles, anti-intrusion barriers, ventilation systems, industrial cooling systems, equipment for the dental sector and for wellness centers, tanning salons and saunas. Many of these products are co-designed and made in close consultation and collaboration with customers.
  • Automotive sector

    Automotive sector

    Shapes, dimensions and colors are produced to the highest precision and the strictest specifications.
  • Construction sector

    Construction sector

    Expanded metal mesh and perforated sheet are ideal for use in the building and furnishing sectors and in anti-intrusion barriers and partitions. These materials can also be used as decorative elements, display stands and in photographers’ studios.

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