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  • Domestic filters

    Domestic filters

    Domestic filters are designed to capture the grease vapors, steam and odors produced in home kitchens. Customers can choose from a vast range of domestic filters, of different types and with different shapes and characteristics.
  • Professional filters

    Professional filters

    Professional filters are designed and made for extended, continuous use in restaurant kitchens. These advanced products offer the catering sector the excellent performance it needs. Sifim filters are best in category, as proven by numerous certifications and tests.
  • Industrial filters

    Industrial filters

    Industrial filters are designed in close collaboration with customers in various areas of industry, including the refrigeration, ventilation, furnishing, fitness, electro-mechanical and medical sectors.
  • Expanded mesh

    Expanded mesh

    Expanded mesh is a lightweight, tough and stable material while also being flexible and malleable. It is frequently used in filters, sound absorbing panels, anti-intrusion barriers, articles of design, ornamental products and various other industrial products.
  • Perforated sheet

    Perforated sheet

    Perforated sheet is used in many different sectors. It can be made from steel or aluminum and comes in various thicknesses. Standard perforations are round, square or oblong, but special perforation shapes are available on request.
  • Ceiling lamps

    Ceiling lamps

    Ceiling lamps complete Sifim’s range of products for professional use. We supply three different models of lamp for use in ceilings and hoods. Characteristics are tailored to meet all needs.

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